Space of joy


Dear friend!

I would like to sincerely congratulate us on a significant event! The birth of a new label based on Space of Joy Records and hosted by Systo! ⠀

A label suspiciously left a trace in art on a planetary scale! The new paradigm in which we follow the emotional power sounds like a Festival in the name of art.

The label will manage the artists and the main goal is to combine exceptionally creative possibilities in a powerful creative cluster capable of performing the complex and impossible tasks of the Space of Joy Community entertainment direction.

At present, we are paying special attention to the fact that we are creating a future that we see as joyful, amazing, caring.

We are proud to present you our first series of media compilations dedicated to the 19th Systo event. It includes works by artists of the scenes presented at our festival — this is Gudelnaya (drone ambient) and Dance floor (psychedelic trance)

Nearly 40 previously unreleased works will allow you to imagine the set of colors awaiting you at this event. Or plunge into memories years later, returning to the holiday that we have prepared for you.

The funds raised thanks to your support will not only be distributed among the artists, but will also form the basis of the fund that we make to create new and maintain existing art.

In the process of conception of our label, our first flower was born, it will grow with the same force with which our festival grows.


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