Nomadic Tribe


Happy New Year dear music lovers from all parts of the World! Let the most daring dreams of yours come true!

We decided to commence this year with utterly underground and psychedelic at the same time release — EP » Nomadic Tribe» by George Asterelman (Moscow, Russia) and his out-of-this-world project ASTRAL.

This debut release George dedicated to one of the all-time greatest, the star, who shone us like a Crazy Dimond — to Victor Zolod (RIP) aka Paranoic Sensation, Terminator, Freaking, Burned Processor, and more…
We arranged the release date to 6 January — the most tragic date, when Zolod, our beloved musician and a good friend, left us forever.

This EP contains a remix on the fabulous morning track of Victor called Air Symphony. The original was made about 17 years back and, undoubtedly, used to be a super hit at the time. We are happy to give that track a new life as well as to simply release one more track of Zolod, whose tracks we used to release since the very very first release of Vertigo Records (VA-Timeless Flash, Terminator- Remedy), and which we continued to do even after he passed away 6 January 2006 (Dejavu Fabrique, The Meaning of Life, Vertigo All Around.)

So, hold on to your hats and get ready to listen to ASTRAL with debut EP- Nomadic Tribe.

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